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Glenfern Associates - "Good people to deal with!"

Glenfern Associates Ltd is a small, British company that develops its own software, and provides computer consultancy and other IT services to its clients under contract.


We develop software for sale that is functional, readily usable and affordable.

Consultancy and Programming

Whatever the task, you can be sure of a thorough, professional job.

With expertise in the major computing languages on the dominant hardware platforms, you can be confident that we can help your organisation meet its programming needs.

IT Services

Our associate company, Server Room Ltd, provides internet services and web hosting at competitive rates.

Free Service

We have introduced a free service, which finds pairs of gears that match a given ratio closely, subject to a tolerance of ±0.5%, for example.


Concerned about the welfare of children, the W3C proposed PICS as a method to help internet search engines exclude unsuitable material.

Although our website is commercial, we believe that it can be viewed safely by all.

SafeSurf Rated

SafeSurf® has provided us with a PICS rating.

The Future of Woodford Aerodrome

Glenfern Associates Ltd operates from a place near to the site of the BAE Systems Factory and Aerodrome in Woodford, formerly known as Avros.

After closing early in 2011, Woodford Aerodrome is earmarked for redevelopment and regeneration, unless it can be sold as it stands.

BAE Systems is collaborating with local councils and other agencies to explore how the site might be redeveloped or regenerated.

A number of workshops have been held at Woodford Community Centre to explore what options are available and to seek imaginative solutions. The workshops were spread over 5 days, and a member of Glenfern Associates took part, though not in an official capacity.  More

Near to the top, the secondary web page contains a link to a YouTube® video clip, produced by Simon Lowe, showing the arrival of an Antonov An-124 at Woodford aerodrome, and its subsequent departure after disgorging a fuselage of a Nimrod. The runway is clearly no ordinary runway, since it is capable of serving very large aircraft.