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CIVEM® is an efficient solution for local government to reduce and prevent benefit fraud.

Benefit Fraud

Benefit Fraud costs the UK taxpayer a lot of money.

With spending on benefits now exceeding £100 billion per year, losses due to fraud and error are substantial.

According to the National Audit Office, about £3 billion was paid in benefit to persons not entitled to receive it in 2003/4 - an amount almost equivalent to 1p on the basic rate of income tax.

CIVEM - Software for your Benefit

CIVEM consists of two independent components, which will enable local authorities using the Verification Framework (VF) to:

Score Fraud Referrals objectively
Identifying who should be investigated
Who should be investigated further?
Scoring fraud referrals objectively shows which warrant further investigation.   More
Schedule VF Visits by date and postcode
Identifying which claimants should be visited
Which claimants should be visited in this neighbourhood?
Scheduling VF Visits by date and postcode gives priority to those who are most likely to have been overpaid.  More

Download Our Guide

Use the link below, provided by the PDF icon, to download our guide (PDF/size 249KB), and display it in another browser window.

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Origin of CIVEM

Derived from the accusative case singular of the Latin noun civis, a citizen, the name CIVEM sounds like "sieve them" (or "sieve 'em"), and describes its action neatly.

The action can be likened to the process of chemical filtration, whereby a precipitate is separated from its mother liquour by filtering the mixture through a paper that lines the inside of a conical funnel. In this analogy, we identify the filtrate with the claimants to be visited, and the precipitate with the categories of claimant that we wish to exclude.

Industrial sieve
Part of an industrial sieve