Glenfern Associates: Consultancy

Skills and Experience

Our associates have extensive experience of providing technical solutions in the following sectors:

We have expertise and experience of the major computer languages on the dominant hardware platforms.

Our Approach

We take pride in our work, and aim to please fairly on quality and on price, believing that a good deal benefits all concerned.

Experience has taught us that we can devise and effect an efficient, practical solution if we understand a problem thoroughly. Therefore, not surprisingly, we believe that good design stems from adequate research.

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Small Applications

The IT industry is renowned for delivering cumbersome and costly systems that fall far short of expectations and overrun the budgets planned. This reputation tends to deter some businesses, particularly the smaller ones, from tackling vexing problems that they understand well, and for which they have a simple solution in theory.

We have some good news! You do not need to enlist the services of a team of highly skilled programmers to solve problems of this nature.

We can help you to use a resource that probably you have already, to serve your needs adequately and effectively, and thus improve productivity.  Learn how

Legacy Software

We specialise in modernising legacy software, so you will find our services especially useful if you have software that you wrote "in-house", but cannot maintain or develop any longer.

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