Glenfern Associates: Exploiting Microsoft Office

Most personal computers in a commercial environment, outside the home, have Microsoft Office® installed.

The three best known components are Word, Excel and Access. The names of these products are registered trademarks, as is Office itself.

Many users pay scant regard to the software tools so readily at their disposal, using Word regularly to type up letters and reports, and Excel to produce a simple spreadsheet occasionally.

However, there is much more to Office than "meets the eye"!

Advantages of Office

The components of Microsoft Office:

Furthermore, training is plentiful, accessible and affordable.

Although we do not sell Microsoft products, we believe that Microsoft Office offers a gateway to inexpensive, affordable and practical software solutions for small businesses.

TinyApps - Small Applications

TinyApps are small applications. We build them from components of Microsoft Office, extended by VBA.

Excel is the backbone of each TinyApp, supplemented by Access and Word.

Why Excel?

Microsoft Excel is not limited to the simple applications recognisable to most users. It has a host of rich features, many of which are unsung and unexploited.

Microsoft Excel is:

Excel allows:

Also, Excel:

Finally, a "smart user" can enhance a basic Excel workbook, and customise it to suit his/her special requirements without upsetting the underlying application.