Glenfern Associates: Experimental Design

Experimental Design

We are developing an expert system to help scientists design their experiments. It is based upon an earlier, successful MS-DOS version.

Our Approach

Recognising that a programme of experiments can be expensive in time and materials, we are placing the emphasis firmly on a systematic and thorough approach.

Features of the Expert System

Simple Question and Answer Dialogue
The expert system helps the scientist find a suitable model for experimentation, consistent with his/her needs.
Uses Familiar Designs
It does not provide a solution from first principles for any generalised situation. Rather, it refers to a repertoire of over 300 designs taken from the scientific literature.
Homes In
At the start all designs are available, but the range narrows as questions are answered.
Consequently, "blind alleyways" are avoided and in general, only those pathways that are likely to produce a solution are pursued. The user is advised of the likely cause if, exceptionally, no suitable design can be found.
Audit trail
A simple audit trail is built into each consultation, which enables the user to reproduce and re-evaluate the findings. Also, it serves as a statement of quality.

Want to know more?

Further details will be announced early in 2009, and posted on our website.

Until then, please contact us for more information.