Glenfern Associates: TinyApps - FlowerShow


FlowerShow is a TinyApp (i.e. a small application) that manages competitive entries in a flower show.

Screenshot of the FlowerShow Excel workbook
An Excel spreadsheet called FlowerShow.xls is the main vehicle.

There are two tabs.

  1. Control Panel
  2. Class Entries

The Control Panel contains a number of buttons. They control most, but not all of the functionality. The Class Entries worksheet shows how many exhibitors have entered each class currently.

Control Panel

Button Action
Exhibitors Allows you to enter the names and addresses of exhibitors, and to specify which classes have been entered. There are facilities to add new exhibitors, delete exhibitors and edit details relating to exhibitors.
Winners Allows you to specify who has won prizes in a given class.
List of Exhibitors Produces a full printed list of exhibitors and the classes that they have entered.
Prize Money Produces a printed list of prize winners and how much they have won.
Exit Terminates the program cleanly.


A dialog box similar to the one below allows you to enter exhibitors.

Screenshot of a dialog box the current list of exhibitors
Each exhibitor is given a unique ID.

Entering a New Exhibitor

Clicking New brings up another dialog box with 3 tabs: Address, Classes and Other.

Contents of the Other tab
Membership of the society and other important details affecting the entry are recorded on the Other tab.
Contents of the Address tab
The address and postcode of the entrant can be entered on the Address tab.
Contents of the Classes tab
The Classes tab allows the classes to be entered according to the rules of the show.

To pick a class, first highlight it, then click the > button; multiple selections are allowed. Classes can be removed using the < button, through a similar process.

There are internal mechanisms that protect against incomplete and inconsistent data. The OK button is enabled only when the input seems to be satisfactory. This is a consistent theme throughout the application.

Editing an Existing Exhibitor

The Edit button behaves similarly to New, but permits changes to be made to existing data.

The OK and Cancel buttons commit and discard the changes respectively.

Deleting an Exhibitor

Clicking the Delete button gets rid of all details relating to the exhibitor highlighted; confirmation is required.

Find an Exhibitor

The Find button enables you to find quickly the exhibitor with the ID specified.


There is a facility to print Avery labels to tag exhibits anonymously for impartial judging.

Also, the software prints a judging slip for each class so that the respective judges can record the IDs of the prize winners.


View of an empty Winners dialog box
Clicking the Winners button on the Control Panel brings up the dialog box above.

The dialog box changes when you enter the number of a valid class, and press the Tab key.

View of a Winners dialog box relating to class 112
You can enter the IDs of the prize winners in the class stated.

The IDs of the winners of each tier (if applicable) are entered in turn, pressing the Tab key after each, then OK or Cancel, depending upon whether you wish to retain the data, or not.

It makes no sense to enter the ID of a person who has not entered the class, so the system resists.

End of Show

Two reports are produced when judging is complete, and the winners of all classes have been entered.

  1. List of winners of each class - in ascending order of class number.
  2. List of winners and the prize money that they have won - in ascending order of exhibitor ID.