Glenfern Associates: Legacy Software

What is Legacy Software?

Legacy software is software that is critical to an organisation, but resistant to efficient modification or enhancement.

In many cases, it consists of a large number of modules that were written in older languages, such as FORTRAN, BASIC or COBOL, using proprietary features that make the software non-portable and very difficult to maintain now. When work began, there may have been little choice about which language to use, and a scarcity of skilled programmers.


Often, legacy software looks antiquated and unappealing, and seems out of place with other, more modern systems.

Consequently, it is tempting to discard legacy software, and replace it with new "in-house" solutions, or external packages.


Consider the following points before taking such drastic action.


So, why throw away good systems if they still do their job, unless there are compelling reasons to do so?

If there are shortcomings, it might be worth adding the extra facilities, or encapsulating them in newer technologies, rather than starting afresh, completely from the beginning.

How we can help

We can help you to adapt and transform existing software into modern applications, giving it a new lease of life, and protecting your investment for a fraction of the cost of rewriting the system totally.

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