Glenfern Associates: TinyApps - Planit

Planit is a TinyApp (i.e. a small application) that uses VBA extensions to build and visualise in a Microsoft Excel workbook, the rules that are adopted in plans by lenders for loan brokerage.

Plans can be imported and exported as XML.

The help file provided is divided into "How To" and Reference sections, showing clearly how Excel workbooks can be produced from the Planit.xls template, containing the plans offered by lenders.

Screenshot of the help file introductory topic
The help file shows how easy it is to master the use of this application.
Screenshot of the help file topic showing examples of rules
The help file shows how to build rules.
Contents of help file
A comprehensive help file is provided as a WinHelp file; it is indexed and searchable.

Existing workbooks, derived from Planit.xls, can be opened by double-clicking the Excel icon.