Glenfern Associates: Company Policy

Glenfern Associates Ltd

Glenfern Associates Ltd is a small, British limited company that develops its own software, and provides computer consultancy and other IT services to its clients under contract.

The company is registered in England and Wales at Cardiff, and as such, it is governed by English law, which we do our best to uphold - in letter and spirit.

We are computer consultants, not lawyers. So, rather than set out a long list of legal statements, we have concentrated on stating our guiding principles in the hope that they will give you a simple, but clear picture of how we operate.

How We Work - Our Guiding Principles

We own and manage our website, and have tried to ensure that what it contains is truthful, accurate and fair. We have not plagiarised.
Copyright and Trademarks
As trademark owners, we acknowledge and respect the copyright, trademarks and intellectual property of others.
We treat your privacy as we treat our own, and will do our utmost to safeguard any information that you provide, directly or indirectly. This is what we believe any reasonable and responsible person would do. We will not divulge personal data unless the law makes it clear that we should.
We are committed to using web standards, as defined by the W3C. We have tried hard to make our website accessible to all by using web standards, so please let us know if you spot any shortcomings. We welcome feedback and constructive criticism.
Fair Dealing
Believing that a labourer is worthy of hire, we try to deal fairly, openly and honestly with our clients. We value your custom. There are no hidden agendas as far as we are concerned.
We accept the maxim that a job is only as good as the person who does it. We take professional pride in our work, and if we make mistakes despite due diligence, we will put things right as soon as possible.

After reading this, please contact us if you believe that we are a good company with which to do business. We will be pleased to talk to you.