Glenfern Associates: Products

We develop software for sale that is functional, readily usable and affordable. Currently, our interests lie in the following:

Preventing Benefit Fraud

Benefit fraud costs the UK taxpayer a lot of money.

With spending on benefits now exceeding £100 billion per year, losses due to fraud and error are substantial. According to the National Audit Office, about £3 billion was paid in benefit to persons not entitled to receive it in 2003/4 - an amount almost equivalent to 1p on the basic rate of income tax.

CIVEM Trademark
CIVEM - Software for your Benefit

CIVEM is an efficient solution for local government to reduce and prevent benefit fraud.   More

Managing Shows and Fêtes

Anyone managing a show, in which exhibits are judged for prizes and cups and trophies are awarded, will be interested in this low cost product. The software is easy and intuitive to set up and use for shows involving flowers, cats, dogs, etc.  More

Gear Manufacturing

Often, when manufacturing bespoke gears, a lot of valuable time is spent making essential, preliminary engineering calculations, some of which can be tedious and prone to error.

During 2009 we shall introduce, in stages, a number of services to do these calculations through a web browser, and make them available at low cost to registered users by subscription, to assist small workshops, which lack the extensive resources of larger companies.   More

We have introduced a free service, which finds pairs of gears that produce a given ratio, subject to a tolerance of ±0.5%, for example.

Experimental Design

A programme of experiments can be expensive in time and materials.

We are developing an "expert system" to help scientists to design their experiments.  More

TinyApps - Small Applications

TinyApps are small applications that are built from components of Microsoft Office (e.g. Excel, Access and Word), and extended by VBA.

Although they have been written specifically to solve problems for individual customers, they can be adapted readily for a wider audience.  More

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