Glenfern Associates: TinyApps

Most likely, you have Microsoft Office installed on your PC desktop already. We can help you to exploit Microsoft Office to serve your needs adequately and effectively, and thus improve your productivity noticeably.

TinyApps - Small Applications

TinyApps are small applications. We build them from components of Microsoft Office, extended by VBA. e.g. Excel, Access and Word

Some of the TinyApps we have produced are listed in the table below.

Sector Details of each TinyApp
General Office Management Planning visits for a week
General Office Management Timesheets
Financial Services Build and visualise the rules adopted by lenders for loan brokerage, including the import and export of XML
Financial Services Income Statement for contractors and consultants who trade individually through limited companies.

Recording earnings and expenses, the spreadsheet calculates how much can be drawn by the contractor weekly (or monthly), after taking PAYE, NIC, VAT and Corporation Tax into account.

As time passes, the spreadsheet scrolls through a "window" of one year in length, always focussing on the current year.

Most of the underlying code has been devolved to a DLL, simplifying enhancements and facilitating corrections across a family of related spreadsheets.

This TinyApp has helped the company that commissioned it, to provide services more efficiently to its clientele of contractors and consultants.
Leisure Manage competitions held by flower shows. It can be extended easily to cater for dogs, cats, etc
Sales and Marketing Broadband configuration tool for a regional telco
Government Regulation Enabling an international telco to supply Ofcom with regulatory information relating to premium telephone numbers easily. e.g. 0845, 0870, 09xx
Engineering Exploring a number of "what-if" scenarios in VLSI chip design, producing XML and executing Perl scripts
Engineering Developing and experimenting with algorithms to place telecoms equipment optimally in special cabinets. Subsequently, the algorithms were incorporated into very large legacy systems, which would have been very difficult in the original setting.

Contact us if you would like to know more about TinyApps. Could there be a TinyApp for you?